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Product Specifications

The Thinc Products Mobile Phone Locker is a secure and convenient solution for schools to keep their students' phones safe during school hours. It is designed to help schools promote a distraction-free learning environment while also ensuring the safety and security of students' devices. This locker can hold up to 40 smartphones and is compatible with all types of mobile phones. Most Advanced Mobile Phone Locker! Smaller and More Secure, Our RFID Locking System Offers Unlimited Card Flexibility. Most common use is as a confiscation box placed in each faculty and admin room.

Fit all Phone Sizes

Thinc Phone Locker Fits all mobile phone, shapes and sizes. The last four section on the locker is designed extra large for phones with bulky cases.

Unlimited Flexibility of Use

Our phone locker stands out among the competitors for its unique feature of unlimited swipe card or FOB access. This convenient feature enables teachers or administrative staff to effortlessly and securely retrieve phones at any given time. What's more, each locker can be synced with multiple swipe cards and a single card can be synced with all the lockers for added convenience. With our phone locker, managing phone storage has never been easier.

Smallest in the Market

The locker has a sleek and compact design, making it easy to place in any corner of the school premises without taking up too much space. The smallest phone locker on the market.


1. Secure Storage: The mobile phone locker provides a secure storage solution for up to 40 phones, ensuring that they are safely stored and protected from theft or damage.


2. Easy access: With unlimited swipe card or FOB access, teachers or admin staff can easily retrieve phones when needed, without the hassle of keeping track of keys or combinations.

3. Customisable setup: The locker can be customised to fit the unique needs of each school, including the option to have a single swipe card access all lockers within a school or multiple swipe cards for each individual locker.

4. Hassle-free access: With the ability to assign an unlimited number of swipe cards per locker, every teacher, admin staff, or casual staff member can have easy and convenient access to the lockers.

Thinc Phone Locker
Smallest and most advanced technology.
#1 Selling Phone Locker Worldwide







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