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Now Shipping Globally...

This means that our products can be enjoyed by customers all around the world. Whether you're located in Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other continent, you can now easily order from us and have your items delivered right to your doorstep. Our expansion into the global market demonstrates our commitment to providing convenient and accessible shopping for all our customers. 

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Insert your phone

in the pouch.

Press the pin in the locking mechanism to lock pouch.

Unlock by simply placing the locking mechanism over the magnetic base.

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You only require one central magnetic base. This is mounted onto a school gate or at the entrance or exit of the school office. Recommendation is to have 1 for every 100 pouches to avoid bottle neck when students are leaving school.

Product Specifications

The Fixby Phone Pouch design is backed by an Australian patent, provides a robust solution for controlled phone storage. With the ability to securely lock mobile phones away, Fixby Phone Pouch for encourages individuals to be fully present and engaged in various environments, such as schools, events, or workplaces. By promoting mindful phone usage, Fixby aims to enhance human connections, improve productivity, and create a more focused and interactive atmosphere.

Fit all Phone Sizes

The Pouch is 24.5cm tall x 13.5cm wide and fits all smart phones and smart watches.


This phone pouch is crafted with the highest quality materials, including neoprene, metal, and ABS plastic, to guarantee a long-lasting life. What's more, its resilient construction means you can place it in your washing machine for easy cleaning.


The locking clip mechanism comprises of two arms. When in the closed position, these arms’ inner surfaces face each other, creating an impenetrable, tamper-proof enclosure that offers unmatched security for your phone. 

Phone Pouches
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