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Phone Pouches not available in the USA

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In a world where mobile phones can be a constant source of distraction in the classroom, we introduce the FIXBY Pouch – a thoughtful solution designed to create a secure and controlled environment for mobile phone storage, aligning perfectly with the educational reforms discussed in the article.


Our FIXBY Pouch is fashioned from robust, long-lasting fabric, underscoring our commitment to creating a solution that mirrors the durability of the education system. The padded interior adds an extra layer of protection to your mobile phone, just as we aim to shield your learning environment from distractions.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance concentration, reduce distractions, and boost learning outcomes. The Phone locker Pouch is your ally in the quest for an engaged and focused classroom.

Join the movement for a more distraction-free learning environment. Order your Phone locker Pouch today, and together, let’s unlock a new era of education.


  • Secure and Controlled Environment:The Phone locker Pouch provides a dedicated space to tuck away mobile phones during class, fostering an environment where learning takes centre stage.

  • Promotes Mindful Usage:With the Fixby Pouch, students are encouraged to engage with their studies more attentively, free from the allure of their devices.

  • Prevents Tampering:Our pouch features a clever locking clip mechanism, consisting of two arms that pivot and securely enclose the phone, ensuring that it stays protected and undisturbed.


  • Locking Clip Mechanism:Our pouch boasts a unique design with a locking clip mechanism, incorporating two pivotable arms that tightly seal your phone inside, offering a tamper-proof solution.

  • Opening for Insertion/Removal:The pouch body comes with a practical opening between opposing top ends, allowing for easy insertion and removal of your mobile phone. Convenience meets focus.

  • Pouch Body:Crafted from durable fabric, the Phonelocker Pouch is built to endure the daily challenges of school life, mirroring the commitment to improved learning outcomes discussed in the article.

  • Padded Interior:To protect your device further, our pouch features a padded interior to shield your phone from minor bumps and scratches.

  • Lightweight:Designed to be lightweight, the Phonelocker Pouch is effortless to carry and store, aligning with the aim of reduced distractions and improved academic performance in schools.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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Product Specifications

The Fixby Phone Pouch provides a robust solution for controlled phone storage. With the ability to securely lock mobile phones away, Fixby Phone Pouch for encourages individuals to be fully present and engaged in various environments, such as schools, events, or workplaces. By promoting mindful phone usage, Fixby aims to enhance human connections, improve productivity, and create a more focused and interactive atmosphere.

Fit all Phone Sizes

The Pouch is 24.5cm tall x 13.5cm wide and fits all smart phones and smart watches.


This phone pouch is crafted with the highest quality materials, including neoprene, metal, and ABS plastic, to guarantee a long-lasting life. What's more, its resilient construction means you can place it in your washing machine for easy cleaning.


The locking clip mechanism comprises of two arms. When in the closed position, these arms’ inner surfaces face each other, creating an impenetrable, tamper-proof enclosure that offers unmatched security for your phone. 

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