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**Unlocker sold separately**


The Fixby Phone Pouch is the perfect solution to the phone ban implemented by State governments across Australia.


The pouch is a lockable that securely stores users’ phones during school and classroom environments. It gives students the freedom to have their phones with them without disrupting class while keeping them.


Just place your phone in the pouch, close it by connecting the two clips and enjoy a distraction free schooling environment. Unlock by simply placing the locking mechanism over the magnetic base which is placed at the exit/entrance gate of the school.


It is made from durable yet lightweight Neoprene fabric with a scratch-resistant coating, providing a robust level of protection for any phone size. The inside of the pouch is lined with soft fabric to protect the phone from impacts and scratches and to ensure its safe keeping. Teachers and school administrators can also feel secure knowing that the phone pouch helps prevent cheating and digital distractions during class. The Smartphone Lockable Mobile Phone Pouch is the perfect solution for keeping your phone secure and out of sight during class time, allowing you to comply with your State Government phone ban without missing a beat.

(100) Fixby Phone Pouch

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